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Sep 12, 2012

30 fun facts about me

My 30th birthday is this week. And in celebration I wanted to share with you 30 facts about me. :)

30.  I started a “30 before 30” list. Things I wanted to accomplish before 30. I began my list with one, ended my list with one, and still have not completed it. J
29.  I love to read. Anything…yes, I’m a nerd.
28.  I love everything exceptionally organized. Yet, for some reason, nothing stays organized the way I want it.
27.  I am obsessed with baskets and containers. My hubby will attest to this. J
26.  I had braces at 15. I Lost my retainer at 19. My teeth moved back to their original position.
25.  I have never broken a bone or sprained anything in my body….knock on wood. J
24.  I do not have a favorite color. It truly changes with my mood or seasons.
23.  I rearrange furniture and décor often, all the time, way too much.
22.  I only have one baby picture of myself.
21.  My least favorite chore is putting away laundry. I can do all my chores and let my clean laundry sit. It does not bother me when it sits. That is a problem…
20.  I did not get my driver’s license until April my senior in high school.  I was 17.
19.  My favorite food is spaghetti
18.  I believe in the biblical roles of a wife and mother
17.  I was adopted as a toddler
16.  It is EXTREMELY hard for me to make friends. I am friendly, but it is hard for me to get close to anyone
15.  I can’t stand talking on the phone
14.  I don’t like the ocean or sand
13.  My dream house is an old white farm house with white sheer curtains blowing in the wind and a yard full of kids laughing, cookies in the oven, and apple pies cooling in the window sill. Ahhhh.
12.  I cut my own hair
11.  I have a goal of running a 5k by fall of 2013 a half marathon by 2015 and a marathon by age 40
10.  I can’t keep any plant or flower alive.
9. I want to learn how to can (the plethora of veggies I will grow next summer with my black thumb…see #10)
8.  My dream job since I was 18 is to be a stay at home mom. J
7.  I am very insecure
6.  I have been to Canada and the Bahamas. My favorite vacation was New York City.
5.  I never finished college. I was majoring in Music Education with a concentration in Piano. I took piano lessons for 13 years.
4.  I love being frugal. I love saving money.  I can’t stand spending money on things that don’t matter. Some would call me tight. It’s okay. J
3.  I want to cut out all preservatives my family eats and eat only whole foods. Researching this a lot at the moment. Baby steps.
2.  I am an only girl of 4 children
1.  I truly feel that my life is perfect in every single way.  I know my 30's will be my best years yet.  I would not change a thing about my life, my situation, my lot. Well….maybe if someone could put my laundry away. J

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