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Apr 25, 2013

Girls on the run 5k

My stepdaughters and I just completed our first 5k together! We had a blast. This was for Girls on the Run which is a program which trains young girls to run a 5k plus gives them encouragement and weekly lessons on self esteem, etc. 

With no training, I surprisingly complete this 5k in 33:15 and placed 6th in my age group. Aly placed 3rd in her age group with a time of 27:42 and Macy placed 64th with a time of 42:00. This has sparked my running love again. I can't believe I kept saying I was going to train and never did! Even though I could not move the next day, I felt wonderful. It was such a blessing to do this with the girls and we have already picked 2 more races to run in the coming months!

Getting ready to take off! 450 runners

Aly and her boyfriend up front

Macy and me taking off

Aly on the home stretch

Macy getting ready to cross the finish line..always smiling

I love my family so much!

The girls with their mommy and stepdad!

April Citrus Lane Box

Hello my busy bees! You all know how much I love my Birchbox. Well I have found something new! I actually canceled my Birchbox subscription...once again...because I wanted that $10 a month to go towards this. I guess that's part of being a mom. :)

Citrus Lane is just like Birchbox but for babies up to age 5. Each box is personalized for the gender at your child's specific age. So this month, we received a box for a 5 month old boy. And we love it!


Visit THIS link to find out more! If you sign up using this link YOU and I will get $10 off! Yee ha! Plus for a limited time use Code: TAKEHALF at check out and get your first month's half off. That is a great way to try it, you can cancel at anytime. :)

This month we received: (please ignore the strange alien hand that made an appearance in these pictures :)

Snap Bib from Aden + Anais:
This bib will grow with your baby-through bottles, teething and first foods - with a three snap closure that allows you to easily adjust the fit. We love the generous size and super soft absorbent fabric, which makes it great to wear during the drooly phase.  The high quality muslin is not only adorable but also easy to clean and quick to dry.

EZ Grip Training Teether from Innobaby - Ty LOVES this!
Teething is a painful rite of passage.  And, it can be hard for little ones to self-soothe.  This teether has a soft, flexible design that gently massages and stimulates the gums to ease discomfort, all while promoting natural jaw development.  Best of all, the barbell shape makes the teether super easy for babies to hold - it's lightweight and perfectly sized for small hands. (and they gave a coupon code for 15% off, I think I'll order these for my prego friends :)

Silicone Train Spoon from Oogaa:
Feeding time is much more fun when you incorporate an element of play, and Oogaa kept that in mind when designing the train-shaped spoon.  And, if your little one is paying more attention to the spoon than the veggies you're introducing, that's just another bonus!  Made entirely from high-grade silicone that's PVC- and phthalate-free, you can throw it in the diswasher on any shelf. (another 30% off code)

Just Veggies from Plum Organics: Sweet Peas with mint
The right time to introduce solids varies baby to baby - some are ready earlier than others.  With that in mind we're sending you Plum Organics Stage 1 food for whenever you and your budding eater are ready.  Made from 100% real veggies, they are a perfect introduction to first foods.  If your little one isn't quite ready, just throw it in the cupboard now and pull it out when the time is right. ($0.50 coupon)

Shampoo & Body Wash from the Honest Company: (Honest Co. was started by Jessica Alba)
Here's a head-to-toe shampoo and body wash the entire family can use.  This tear-free, plant-based cleanser contains the highest quality organic and natural ingredients, so it's gentle enough for babies, even those with skin irritations and cradle cap.  Organic calendula soothes, moisturizes and portects, while essential oils, fruit extracts, organic aloe and vitamin E hydrate.  Perfectly pH balanced and hypoallergenic, it removes dirt without stripping natural oils.  Shake well before use! (20% off coupon)

Overall, I was extremely pleased with our first Citrus Lane Box! I can't wait to see what goodies are in next month.

Once again, Visit THIS link to find out more! If you sign up using this link YOU and I will get $10 off! Yee ha! Plus for a limited time use Code: TAKEHALF at check out and get your first month's half off. That is a great way to try it, you can cancel at anytime. :)

Stuffed Shells - freezer cooking

DH is working late this week at a sale. (He manages a local Toyota and Chevrolet dealership) So I decided to do a little freezer cooking to have a few backups. I have managed to let my freezer stash dwindle to nothing. :/ So today, we decided to make Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells. 


1 box jumbo pasta shells
2 cups ricotta cheese
1 1/2 - 2 cups shredded mozzarella 
1/4 - 1/2 cup shredded parmesan 
1 egg
1 pkg frozen chopped spinach. Cooked, cooled, and drained
Dried Oregano
Jar of your favorite pasta sauce (I use a garlic marinara sauce, so I don't add garlic to the mixture, but you definitely can)

  • Cook pasta according to directions. let cool (I run a little cool water over them, this also removes some of the extra starch)
  • Meanwhile, cook spinach according to directions. I cook in the microwave, place in colander and run cool water over it. Then I drain well. Then place spinach in paper towels or clean kitchen towel and wring out.
  • Mix remaining ingredients.
  • Stuff your shells. Don't over stuff!

To cook immediately:  Put a small amount of sauce in the bottom of a baking dish, add shells, top with sauce and sprinkle mozzarella cheese.. Cook on 350 for 30 minutes.

To freeze: "flash freeze" Place shells on wax paper lined cookie sheet careful not to touch. Put in freezer for a couple of hours. When mostly or completely frozen, put into ziploc bag. You can then pull however many out you want for dinner. :) I do this with my enchiladas as well. Write on bag: Date. and "Thaw, 350 for 30 minutes"

This recipe can easily be doubled to have extra!


Apr 17, 2013

Day in the Life of a SAHM of a 4 month old

**Warning** This is a long post. :) I blogged throughout the day and didn't realize how much I was actually documenting. But this is real life. :)

I decided to start doing a day in the life (DITL) post once a month so I can keep up with how our routines and days change. :) I also what to keep up with how I get things done (or lack there of) during the day. I wrote a post when Ty was 2 months old, but never published it. :) 

This one is for Wednesday April 17. This is our slow day of the week with all three kids. 

During the night: Up at 12, 3, and 6. Usually this is 1, 4, and 7, so I'm not sure what changed this night. Oh, well...

7:00 Wake up and snuggle time. I like to wake Ty up around 7 am even if he's still asleep. Getting him on a routine, it makes our day run more smoothly.

7:15 Daddy takes Ty downstairs with his sisters to say their good mornings and oooohs and aaaahs. They love him so much. This is when I get half way dressed, brush my teeth, etc. 

7:45 Say our goodbyes to daddy and the girls. He takes them to school every morning

7:50 Diaper change (wet) Blanket Time while mommy drinks her morning coffee, checks emails, and puts on a load of laundry. Read a happy blog post by one of my favorite bloggers! HERE

8:15 Change Ty's clothes, Nurse, and start nap time routine
        Nap Time Routine: Put on socks
                                      Book (this morning it was "One Tiny Turtle" HERE
                                      Radio on low

8:30 put Ty in his crib, still awake. He rolls on his side, I insert Binky (Paci), cover up and say sweet dreams while rubbing his back. <3 Make sure I leave the room while he is still awake. Yes, he sleeps on his side and covered up...don't judge. ;)

8:45 Ty falls asleep. I transfer laundry, sew his lounger back together that ripped open, and straighten the living room which looks like a Babies-R-Us. Feed the dogs.

9:15 Stand outside Ty's door. :) Help him through his sleep transition. He transitions sleep at exactly 30 minutes. He is unable to transition himself right now, but getting better. If I don't help him through, he is up from his nap and ready to roll, only to be fussy in 20 minutes because he is tired. So, I stand outside his door until I hear him stir, I go in cover him back up, re-insert Binky, and pat his back until he transitions. This normally takes about 2-3 minutes.

9:45 I eat a chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie and start on the kitchen. Lay chicken out to thaw for supper. Descale the Keurig.

10:15 and he's UP! Diaper change (wet). Bring him into the kitchen on his lounger while I finish. Stop and take a break to dance to "Under the Sea" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and eat some toes and belly. 
Head into the living room to listen to Sesame Street on the TV while mommy folds laundry. I narrate while I fold and explain what each article of clothing is and who it belongs to. Daddy calls and we talk about our day so far. I put the phone on speaker phone so Ty can hear his daddy's voice.

11:00 Nurse

11:25 Fix mommy lunch! Leftover spaghetti sauce over elbow noodles. While noodles are cooking, we sing. :) While I eat, he lays on his lounger in the kitchen. 

11:50 Diaper change (wet) Tummy Time and Einstein Play gym while mommy cleans up from lunch (jump around the kitchen 3 times because I smashed my finger!) and put on last load of laundry (3 for the day)

12:00 Nap time routine: Put on socks
                                     Book (this time it was "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" from Bedtime Hugs HERE
                                     Radio on low
Put Ty down awake.  Come down to the kitchen to find my dachshund, Lili has gotten into the trash. Clean up that mess. Go back upstairs to calm screaming baby. This never happens at the first nap, always at the second.

12:20 Ty falls asleep
Straighten living room, it looks like Babies-R-Us again. Dust living room. Let dogs out. Yay---a potty break for mommy! ha! My other dachshund, Sadie has knocked over all my clean folded clothes. Re-fold and take clean re-folded laundry upstairs. Put Macy's school picture in a frame...Awe! Straighten dining room. Why is the dining room table a dumping ground? I will never know. Stop for a moment to watch Bob Ross paint a happy little tree. :)

12:50 Help Ty transition

12:55 Clean downstairs bathroom. It was long overdue! This bathroom is our most used and is also the laundry room, so the dust and germs get out of hand quickly! Take a break to sit for a minute. Watch a little more Bob Ross. Find more ideas on Etsy for Ty's first birthday party...planning is almost complete. :) I know his birthday is 8 months away, but I want it to be planned early since his birthday is right in the middle of the busy holiday season. 

1:10 Ty wakes up and he is cranky! Diaper change (wet)

1:20 still have a crying baby, nursed, gave him 2 Highlands Teething Tablets and he instantly calms. We watch today's Schuerman Show HERE

1:30 Ty falls asleep in my arms. Took advantage of this snuggle time. :) Read news updates for the Boston bombings..I read they have arrested a suspect, found out later they didn't. :/...Watched a little Food Network.

2:30 Put Ty in his lounger to continue napping. He usually never naps this much in the evenings. hmmmm. Let dogs out. Eat a snack of chips and salsa.

3:00 Macy gets off the bus! Sit with Macy in the kitchen while she eats a snack and does her homework. Daddy calls. :)

3:30 He woke up! Finally! Play with mama and sissy.

4:00 Diaper change (wet) Watch Ty chew his hands. blanket time while mama gets dressed. nurse

4:30 Head out to pick up Aly from soccer practice. Stopped by Wendy's and got Macy and I a yummy frosty! Pick up Aly and head to CVS to pick up a few things. Ty takes a cat nap in the car.

6:20 Home and feed Ty his avocados for the day (2 oz) and nurse.

6:40 Ty bath time and PJs, Diaper change (wet)

7:00 Cook dinner: Chicken Alfredo. Eat dinner with the girls. Uncle Robby and cousin Blake stop by to drop something off and get a little Ty snuggle time in.

7:45 Ty to bed.  He is extremely fussy. He is acting like his normal extremely overtired self, which is unusual because he slept so much today. Poor baby. He has his 4 month checkup tomorrow, so I will mention this.

8:05 Hubby gets home from work, Ty starts screaming so daddy goes and gets him out of bed....He's daddy's for the rest of the night..well, until 9:30 when it's time to nurse. ;) Diaper change (wet)

I want to crash. I am so tired! I think I'll finally take a shower. :)

Recap:  7 wet diapers
            7 nursing sessions



Apr 16, 2013

Ty...the photographer

So Ty is quite the little photographer. :) Macy let him play with her Ipod while waiting for Aly to complete soccer practice yesterday at the middle school. He snapped away. :) And I for one, think they are professional material. ;) Happy Tuesday!

Apr 12, 2013

4 Months Old

Weight & length:  13.11 pounds at home (will update with weight and length at his 4 month appointment next week. We were supposed to have it yesterday, but they had to reschedule) At his doctor's appointment, Ty was 13 pounds 9 oz in the 10th %. And 24 3/4 inches long...the 24th%. His head is still in the 86th %. :) She said everything is perfect and he is developing right on schedule. She was pleasantly surprised on how he loves to stand and how long he can bear his weight. :)

Sleeping:  Had a few nights where he was sleeping through the night (which means 5-6 hours) then hello 4 month growth spurt! He also requires right much sleep during the day to be content. I can tell when he needs a nap because he starts getting fussy. I am trying to get him on a nap schedule, but it is tough.

Eating: Nursing on demand average every 3 hours. Went against all my best laid plans and introduced solids about a week ago! He love, love, loves them! So far we have had bananas, pears, and sweet potatoes.  The video below is Ty eating sweet potatoes. (They are his favorite)

*Warning: If you do not want to hear mama's baby voice, please turn volume down now. :)

Here is Ty eating his first food: Bananas 

Diapers: Size 2

Clothing: 3 months and some 3-6 months.  6 months in Carter's brand. To the new mamas out there, I have learned that Carter's brand sizing is different. 3 months is 0-3 in other brands and 6 months is 3-6 in other brands. :)

Hair: Dark brown. He is getting it back so fast! It looks like he has a little buzz cut. :)

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Personality:  Such a fun, happy baby! Smiles all. the. time! I am truly enjoying this stage. He is so observant and loves to be quiet and watch. He watches his sisters do everything and loves to babble. Everything is amusing to him. Oh, he is such a little joy.

Milestones: Oh the changes this month! Still talking and cooing. He has really started to change up is tone and range! He is making so many new sounds from squealing to low sounds. I think he enjoys hearing himself. :) He has officially found his feet and they are his favorite toy! I can hardly change his diaper for him grabbing his toes. They haven't made it to his mouth yet. ;) He no longer likes to lay back when you are holding him. He wants to sit up or stand up to see what is going on. Standing is his favorite. He can stand with little assistance, only to give him balance. I love when he stands, he opens his mouth wide in excitement! He started rolling from his back to his belly. He spent an entire afternoon rolling, but hasn't shown much interest since. He is doing tummy time much better and I can even coax a smile out of him. He has such good head control now. He can play in his Einstein jumping gym with no problems of wobbliness. :) I also think he has started teething. I would consider this a milestone. He drools buckets, I have to change his bib at least twice a day. He is biting everything, and let's just say, it hurts when he chomps down on one of my fingers! He is scooting, or should I say twisting? up a storm. He will start off one way on his play mat, I'll look again and he has completely scooted sideways! ha!

Firsts: He ate his first foods! Such a big milestone. I was going to wait, and I was pretty adamant upon waiting. But I decided to just try a banana one day because I was eating one, and he got so excited. So the solid food began. He also slept through the night for the first time. Granted, it only lasted a few days, but that was the best sleep I have had in months! He had his first Easter. <3 From the Easter bunny, he received his first Bible HERE, a Veggie Tales DVD (not like he will watch it anytime soon lol) and a mesh feeder. He rode the four wheeler for the first time. He fell asleep right when we ventured into the woods, but I think he loved it! I put him in his Mai Tei HERE when riding. :) He loves the outdoors now that it has warmed up and he got to put his toes in the grass for the first time. <3

I am loving this stage of his baby hood. He is over the colic and fussiness and just a joy of a baby! His grandparents and sisters spoil him rotten. He doesn't stand a chance!