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Apr 12, 2013

4 Months Old

Weight & length:  13.11 pounds at home (will update with weight and length at his 4 month appointment next week. We were supposed to have it yesterday, but they had to reschedule) At his doctor's appointment, Ty was 13 pounds 9 oz in the 10th %. And 24 3/4 inches long...the 24th%. His head is still in the 86th %. :) She said everything is perfect and he is developing right on schedule. She was pleasantly surprised on how he loves to stand and how long he can bear his weight. :)

Sleeping:  Had a few nights where he was sleeping through the night (which means 5-6 hours) then hello 4 month growth spurt! He also requires right much sleep during the day to be content. I can tell when he needs a nap because he starts getting fussy. I am trying to get him on a nap schedule, but it is tough.

Eating: Nursing on demand average every 3 hours. Went against all my best laid plans and introduced solids about a week ago! He love, love, loves them! So far we have had bananas, pears, and sweet potatoes.  The video below is Ty eating sweet potatoes. (They are his favorite)

*Warning: If you do not want to hear mama's baby voice, please turn volume down now. :)

Here is Ty eating his first food: Bananas 

Diapers: Size 2

Clothing: 3 months and some 3-6 months.  6 months in Carter's brand. To the new mamas out there, I have learned that Carter's brand sizing is different. 3 months is 0-3 in other brands and 6 months is 3-6 in other brands. :)

Hair: Dark brown. He is getting it back so fast! It looks like he has a little buzz cut. :)

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Personality:  Such a fun, happy baby! Smiles all. the. time! I am truly enjoying this stage. He is so observant and loves to be quiet and watch. He watches his sisters do everything and loves to babble. Everything is amusing to him. Oh, he is such a little joy.

Milestones: Oh the changes this month! Still talking and cooing. He has really started to change up is tone and range! He is making so many new sounds from squealing to low sounds. I think he enjoys hearing himself. :) He has officially found his feet and they are his favorite toy! I can hardly change his diaper for him grabbing his toes. They haven't made it to his mouth yet. ;) He no longer likes to lay back when you are holding him. He wants to sit up or stand up to see what is going on. Standing is his favorite. He can stand with little assistance, only to give him balance. I love when he stands, he opens his mouth wide in excitement! He started rolling from his back to his belly. He spent an entire afternoon rolling, but hasn't shown much interest since. He is doing tummy time much better and I can even coax a smile out of him. He has such good head control now. He can play in his Einstein jumping gym with no problems of wobbliness. :) I also think he has started teething. I would consider this a milestone. He drools buckets, I have to change his bib at least twice a day. He is biting everything, and let's just say, it hurts when he chomps down on one of my fingers! He is scooting, or should I say twisting? up a storm. He will start off one way on his play mat, I'll look again and he has completely scooted sideways! ha!

Firsts: He ate his first foods! Such a big milestone. I was going to wait, and I was pretty adamant upon waiting. But I decided to just try a banana one day because I was eating one, and he got so excited. So the solid food began. He also slept through the night for the first time. Granted, it only lasted a few days, but that was the best sleep I have had in months! He had his first Easter. <3 From the Easter bunny, he received his first Bible HERE, a Veggie Tales DVD (not like he will watch it anytime soon lol) and a mesh feeder. He rode the four wheeler for the first time. He fell asleep right when we ventured into the woods, but I think he loved it! I put him in his Mai Tei HERE when riding. :) He loves the outdoors now that it has warmed up and he got to put his toes in the grass for the first time. <3

I am loving this stage of his baby hood. He is over the colic and fussiness and just a joy of a baby! His grandparents and sisters spoil him rotten. He doesn't stand a chance! 

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