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Apr 17, 2013

Day in the Life of a SAHM of a 4 month old

**Warning** This is a long post. :) I blogged throughout the day and didn't realize how much I was actually documenting. But this is real life. :)

I decided to start doing a day in the life (DITL) post once a month so I can keep up with how our routines and days change. :) I also what to keep up with how I get things done (or lack there of) during the day. I wrote a post when Ty was 2 months old, but never published it. :) 

This one is for Wednesday April 17. This is our slow day of the week with all three kids. 

During the night: Up at 12, 3, and 6. Usually this is 1, 4, and 7, so I'm not sure what changed this night. Oh, well...

7:00 Wake up and snuggle time. I like to wake Ty up around 7 am even if he's still asleep. Getting him on a routine, it makes our day run more smoothly.

7:15 Daddy takes Ty downstairs with his sisters to say their good mornings and oooohs and aaaahs. They love him so much. This is when I get half way dressed, brush my teeth, etc. 

7:45 Say our goodbyes to daddy and the girls. He takes them to school every morning

7:50 Diaper change (wet) Blanket Time while mommy drinks her morning coffee, checks emails, and puts on a load of laundry. Read a happy blog post by one of my favorite bloggers! HERE

8:15 Change Ty's clothes, Nurse, and start nap time routine
        Nap Time Routine: Put on socks
                                      Book (this morning it was "One Tiny Turtle" HERE
                                      Radio on low

8:30 put Ty in his crib, still awake. He rolls on his side, I insert Binky (Paci), cover up and say sweet dreams while rubbing his back. <3 Make sure I leave the room while he is still awake. Yes, he sleeps on his side and covered up...don't judge. ;)

8:45 Ty falls asleep. I transfer laundry, sew his lounger back together that ripped open, and straighten the living room which looks like a Babies-R-Us. Feed the dogs.

9:15 Stand outside Ty's door. :) Help him through his sleep transition. He transitions sleep at exactly 30 minutes. He is unable to transition himself right now, but getting better. If I don't help him through, he is up from his nap and ready to roll, only to be fussy in 20 minutes because he is tired. So, I stand outside his door until I hear him stir, I go in cover him back up, re-insert Binky, and pat his back until he transitions. This normally takes about 2-3 minutes.

9:45 I eat a chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie and start on the kitchen. Lay chicken out to thaw for supper. Descale the Keurig.

10:15 and he's UP! Diaper change (wet). Bring him into the kitchen on his lounger while I finish. Stop and take a break to dance to "Under the Sea" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and eat some toes and belly. 
Head into the living room to listen to Sesame Street on the TV while mommy folds laundry. I narrate while I fold and explain what each article of clothing is and who it belongs to. Daddy calls and we talk about our day so far. I put the phone on speaker phone so Ty can hear his daddy's voice.

11:00 Nurse

11:25 Fix mommy lunch! Leftover spaghetti sauce over elbow noodles. While noodles are cooking, we sing. :) While I eat, he lays on his lounger in the kitchen. 

11:50 Diaper change (wet) Tummy Time and Einstein Play gym while mommy cleans up from lunch (jump around the kitchen 3 times because I smashed my finger!) and put on last load of laundry (3 for the day)

12:00 Nap time routine: Put on socks
                                     Book (this time it was "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" from Bedtime Hugs HERE
                                     Radio on low
Put Ty down awake.  Come down to the kitchen to find my dachshund, Lili has gotten into the trash. Clean up that mess. Go back upstairs to calm screaming baby. This never happens at the first nap, always at the second.

12:20 Ty falls asleep
Straighten living room, it looks like Babies-R-Us again. Dust living room. Let dogs out. Yay---a potty break for mommy! ha! My other dachshund, Sadie has knocked over all my clean folded clothes. Re-fold and take clean re-folded laundry upstairs. Put Macy's school picture in a frame...Awe! Straighten dining room. Why is the dining room table a dumping ground? I will never know. Stop for a moment to watch Bob Ross paint a happy little tree. :)

12:50 Help Ty transition

12:55 Clean downstairs bathroom. It was long overdue! This bathroom is our most used and is also the laundry room, so the dust and germs get out of hand quickly! Take a break to sit for a minute. Watch a little more Bob Ross. Find more ideas on Etsy for Ty's first birthday party...planning is almost complete. :) I know his birthday is 8 months away, but I want it to be planned early since his birthday is right in the middle of the busy holiday season. 

1:10 Ty wakes up and he is cranky! Diaper change (wet)

1:20 still have a crying baby, nursed, gave him 2 Highlands Teething Tablets and he instantly calms. We watch today's Schuerman Show HERE

1:30 Ty falls asleep in my arms. Took advantage of this snuggle time. :) Read news updates for the Boston bombings..I read they have arrested a suspect, found out later they didn't. :/...Watched a little Food Network.

2:30 Put Ty in his lounger to continue napping. He usually never naps this much in the evenings. hmmmm. Let dogs out. Eat a snack of chips and salsa.

3:00 Macy gets off the bus! Sit with Macy in the kitchen while she eats a snack and does her homework. Daddy calls. :)

3:30 He woke up! Finally! Play with mama and sissy.

4:00 Diaper change (wet) Watch Ty chew his hands. blanket time while mama gets dressed. nurse

4:30 Head out to pick up Aly from soccer practice. Stopped by Wendy's and got Macy and I a yummy frosty! Pick up Aly and head to CVS to pick up a few things. Ty takes a cat nap in the car.

6:20 Home and feed Ty his avocados for the day (2 oz) and nurse.

6:40 Ty bath time and PJs, Diaper change (wet)

7:00 Cook dinner: Chicken Alfredo. Eat dinner with the girls. Uncle Robby and cousin Blake stop by to drop something off and get a little Ty snuggle time in.

7:45 Ty to bed.  He is extremely fussy. He is acting like his normal extremely overtired self, which is unusual because he slept so much today. Poor baby. He has his 4 month checkup tomorrow, so I will mention this.

8:05 Hubby gets home from work, Ty starts screaming so daddy goes and gets him out of bed....He's daddy's for the rest of the night..well, until 9:30 when it's time to nurse. ;) Diaper change (wet)

I want to crash. I am so tired! I think I'll finally take a shower. :)

Recap:  7 wet diapers
            7 nursing sessions



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