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Jan 11, 2013

Friday Favorites - Newborn Edition

Now that Ty is a month old, I have realized what has been some good purchases/finds for baby and mama, and what I have not used! Here are my top 5.

1.  Fisher Price Rock & Play

I love, love, love this little ditty! Ty sleeps in it and hangs out in it! I switch him back and forth between this and his flat bassinet during the day to keep him from getting too dependent on an incline. This is wonderful. Read the reviews. :)  I bought this color from Babies-r-Us, but there are tons to choose from. This folds up and we can take it to grandparents house with ease and it is so lightweight, I can carry it around the house.

2.  Target nursing tank

I knew from the beginning this was going to be on my favorites list. I honestly don't know how I would nurse easily without it! It keeps me discreet and is so comfortable. Here is one that I have, but I have several from Target and love them all. :)

3.  Black & White patterned flash cards

Of course, Ty loves staring at our faces. Newborns are fascinated by the human face. But they also love black & white patterns. It helps their eyes develop. The stimulation is very important for their brain development. They prefer black & white over colors at this stage. Here are some that I use, I found them online.

Let's just say, this website has been a lifesaver!

5.  Real Food for Mother & Baby

I highly recommend this book! Here is the description from Amazon:

"Nina Planck, one of the great food activists, changed the way we view old-fashioned foods like butter with her groundbreaking Real Food. T hen she got pregnant. Never one to accept conventional wisdom blindly, Nina found the usual advice about pregnancy and baby food riddled with myths and misunderstandings. In Real Food for Mother and Baby, Nina explains why many modern ideas about pregnancy and infant nutrition are wrongheaded and why traditional foods are best. While Nina can be controversial—her op-ed in the New York Times on vegan diets for infants was one of the paper’s most e-mailed articles— she’s no contrarian. Readers applaud her candor; they also trust her research and welcome her advice.

Nina’s basic premise hasn’t changed—whole foods are best—but some of the details are surprising. Pregnant women need meat and salt, not iron supplements. Nursing will be easier if you act like the mammal you are. Delaying the introduction of certain solid foods doesn’t prevent allergies. Cereals are not the best foods for tiny eaters; meat and egg yolks are better. From conception to two years, the body’s overwhelming needs are for quality fat and protein, not for carrots and low-fat dairy. Even as she casts a skeptical eye on the conventional wisdom, Nina is reassuring. She shows you how to keep your baby healthy on good, simple food. Real Food for Mother and Baby will be the new classic on eating for two."

So very informative, I will read it several times I am sure.  I only wish I would have read it when I was planning to get pregnant!

This is my top 5 for the first month of babydom! <3 

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  1. I used the Rock & Play with my daughter and absolutely loved it. I could push it up against the couch or bed and sleep next to her. Definite must have!