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Feb 13, 2013

2 months old

I can not believe Ty is already 2 months old! Time has surely flown by. We have learned so much together, climbed a few hills and fallen down a few times. But we are learning. <3 He began getting extremely fussy in the evenings. I cut way back on my dairy consumption and that seems to have helped. 

Weight & length:  at his doctor's appointment on the 12th: 11.9 pounds (34%)  and 22 3/4 in long (37%) Head circumference is still in the 89% :)

Sleeping: He woke up every 2-3 hours to eat until I began swaddling him a week ago.  He will go 1 4-5 hour stretch before midnight, then 2-3 afterwards. Still wakes up to grunt and groan around 4-5. :)

Eating: I nurse on demand so the schedule is different every day. He is beginning to get on more of a schedule. He never goes less than 2 hours in the day and never more than 4.

Diapers: Size 1

Clothing: 0-3 and some 3 months.  Learned that Carter's 3M clothes are actually 0-3 size. Going and confusing me like that. Lol. Some 3 months are still too big.

Hair: Dark brown. I think he has lost all he is going to lose. I love his little receding hairline. :)

Eyes: Navy blue but turning brown 

Personality:  All smiles in the morning! Over all he is a happy baby. He gets fussy in the evening but that is common in this stage. Loves his playmat. He loves to stare at shadows, curtain rods, door knobs, pretty much anything. He is truly taking in the world around him.

Milestones: He is cackling and cooing so much! He can find mama and daddy in a room when we talk. He is all smiles in the morning. Daddy hates to leave to go to work. :) He can hold his head up so well, I rarely have to assist him. He is trying to throw his leg over to roll over. He is starting to grasp at objects now rather than just bat at them all the time. He tries to talk to us! I love it!

Firsts: Lots of firsts this month! He took his first road trip to Danville! Missed it all because he slept the whole time! His first time in a restaurant (Lone Star) and his first dinner out (Los Nortenos). Mama left him for the first time with Nannie for about an hour. Hardest thing mama has done, but both managed to get through it scar free. :) He also got his first shots. :( I'm sure it was harder on mama than on him.

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