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Nov 11, 2012

33-34 weeks

The farther I get in the pregnancy the busier! :)

How Far Along: 34 weeks. 3 weeks until full term, 5 weeks (if not sooner) for baby!
Size of baby: He is the size of a cantaloupe. Average: about 18 inches long and average about 4.25 pounds. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 12 lb as of 33w1d :) Thinking up 13 now. :)
Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity. This pic today is of a non-maternity shirt. It's sad bug some of my regular shirts are longer than my maternity shirts!
Gender:  Bouncing Baby Boy!! Mama's prince, Ty.
Stretch marks: No new ones. :) But with my belly growing at the pace it is, I know they are coming. I have been using my Bio Oil and lotion religiously.
Movement: He is so active! When I sit on the couch in my den, he goes crazy. Maybe because it's so "squishy"? I don't know. His hiccups are constant as well.  It's so funny when I can see them. :) Hubby is across the den and commented on my belly's Ty's hiccups. <3
Sleep:  Sleep is getting even more non-exsistant
What I miss: Nothing. :) 
Cravings: Still wanting milk all. the. time.
Symptoms: Standard 3rd trimester symptoms: exhaustion, leg cramps, back aches, and pressure
 Best Moments this week: Lots!

Weekly randoms:
I had two showers this week: one at work and one with friends. :) I think I'll post about all my showers at once since I have not posted on my first yet. 

I started and have almost finished packing mine and Ty's hospital bag. 

I had a contraction! What? I heard you could have them starting around 33 weeks, but I didn't think I would. I was sitting in Walmart parking lot and it was unmistakable. I will spare you the details, all you mama's know what it feels like. :) I need to up my water intake.

Ty's room is almost finished!! <3

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