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Nov 24, 2012

What's in my hospital bag!

All my bags are packed! I AM ready to go to the least my bags are! Ha! I will be full term next week so even though I am having a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks, you never know if I may go into labor sooner!

If you know me, you know that I am a planner...I have lists. (exhibit A)
I have my list, toiletry list, and Ty's list. Also, the sticky is for things to grab when I am headed out the door. :) I should have added electronic items to my sticky. Be right back...

Ok, I'm back.

 Here are my bags I am taking. The black bag is mine. It is a Thirty One hostess special overnight bag. I love it. It has a pull out handle and wheels like a suitcase but much smaller. The grey bag..Ha! Grey and black are two of my favorite colors! Anywho, the grey bag holds Ty's and my coming home gear. It will stay in the car until the day we leave the hospital. And the front bag is Ty's diaper bag which holds all of his things. My sweet husband picked this bag out and purchased it for Ty and me. How sweet! And of course I love it...I mean...look at the colors! <3 He knows me too well.

First is my bag:

1. Robe
I wanted a robe that came about to my knees and one that the sleeves weren't too long....I am a short mama! I found this GREY one on the clearance rack at Target.
2. Coming home outfit
I am taking a velour comfy sweat suit from Victoria's Secret and my trusty pink VS Pink tshirt. This is my favorite tshirt. It is so comfy and I have worn it forever. :)
3. Slippers
to wear around the hospital
4. Socks
I am packing two pair of comfy socks and 1 pair of fuzzy slipper socks :)
5. Nursing Tank
I am planning on wearing these the entire time I am in the hospital, and quite possibly the first three months postpartum. lol. I got two black ones from Target and the grey one from Walmart. From the look and feel of these so far, I believe the Target ones are going to get a better rating from Moi than the Walmart one. We shall see. I got them in Medium. They are a little large for me right now (except in the obvious mid section :) But I wanted to make sure they fit after baby is born. ;)
6. Comfy pants/PJ's
Comfort is key. I'm not really worried about what I look like in the hospital, but I do want to half way be presentable. lol. If you haven't noticed, it seems everything I packed is black and grey. ha!  I am packing 2 pair of maternity yoga pants from Old Navy. One in black and one in grey. (I may or may not continue wearing these for.ever) One pair of COMFY red PJ pants from Target. I will probably live in these at the hospital. I know they will come above my c-section incision and be comfortable. :)

Still need to pack:  Old flip flops for the shower
Not pictured for obvious reasons:  Nursing bra and undies and pads
Oh and not pictured because I forgot is a towel for showers (because hospital towels are sandpaper) my pillow and Ty's Boppy nursing pillow

Ty's Bag:
FYI:  I am fully aware that I may be am packing WAY TO MUCH for Ty. But as a FTM it's kind of fun and exciting. :)

1.  Nursing cover
Not sure why I put this in Ty's bag but oh well. :) I also have a small zipper pouch for nursing with nursing pads and lanolin cream. I am not taking my breast pump because the hospital has them if I were to need it. For home, I am just using the Medela Harmony manual pump. Since I am staying home and not planning on pumping often, this is all I need. The only reason I plan on pumping is so sweet daddy can have feeding time and should I need to be away for some reason for a few hours.
2.  3 hats
3.  2 pair of mittens
4.  2 receiving blankets
5.  4 burp cloths
6.  3 pair of socks
7.  2 bibs
8.  His baby blanket for car ride and pictures
9.  3 gowns
10.  Fleece sleeper gown
11.  2 footed sleepers
12.  Outwear for coming home
13. Coming home #1
One option for coming home outfit in 0-3 months size
14.  Coming home #2
His original planned coming home outfit in newborn size. I had this along with the hat embroidered with his name. He is measuring bigger than normal. I am unsure if he will be able to wear this, but I do think he will be smaller than his estimated size once he is born.

The blue barely visible piece on the right is a swaddler. I am unsure if I am going to take this or not.

Also in his diaper bag is his baby book, and obvious diaper bag necessities. :)

Toiletries bag:

I love the Mary Kay travel roll-up. I have had this for years and use it all the time.

From left to right:

1.  Makeup...obvi...I mean, there will be pictures. But, I am not taking much makeup, just the bare necessities to make myself presentable.
2.  Hair ties/bands, hair spray, extra contacts, extra contact case
3.  Lotion, chapstick, deodorant, rose water (I love this stuff and the hospital is so dry, I will use this like crazy), Makeup-remover wipes. I love Neutragena!
4. Tooth brush and other "teeth" necessities

The shower bag:

This holds soap, face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and razor.  This is packaged in one of those curtain/sheet/etc. packages. I never throw these out! I use them for everything. :)

CARSEAT! Can not forget that. :) All winterized and ready to go. :)

I will also take my 2 cameras. Yes...two. I will take my large Canon, but it is not allowed in the operating room, so I will take my Sony Cybershot for the c-section delivery.  I will also take my Ipad and chargers. :)
Money for vending machines is on my list, but I am actually thinking against this. The vending machines at my hospital takes debit cards, so I'm sure hubby will be just fine with that.

If you noticed, I did not pack my hubby anything. (aside from a toothbrush) We live about 5-7 minutes from the hospital. He is planning on coming home each day (I will probably be there 3-4 days) to shower and let our little doggies out. So we didn't feel the need to pack him clothes, etc.

I am ready, I think I am ready. Bags are packed! Of course, I have 1 more week until full term, but we are ready should little man want to come ANY time after that!!!

I hope there is nothing I am missing!! Of course, we live close so hubby can run home if need be. <3

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  1. You're so organized! Even your bags match each other! I need to make a list of last minute things still! I guess I shouldn't have thrown my bags in the car already... I just got impatient...