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Dec 27, 2012

Ty's birth story

It was a long day! Saturday December 9th started at 7:30 with a Walmart run.  I needed to cook for my husband’s work Christmas party that evening.  Our niece’s birthday party was also that day. So I had a busy day from the get go. J I believe that is why Ty decided he wanted to come early.

We got home from the Christmas party around midnight. Mind you, I am normally in bed by 10. Ha! At 3:00 am I got up for my normal potty run, and low and behold….I was one of the 15% of pregnant mamas whose water actually breaks and “gushes”.  At 3:08 I woke up hubby.  So much for a long restful night!

Looking tired. ;) Before leaving for the hospital. 38 weeks.

Tony took a shower and I put on my makeup.  Little did I know, this was the most makeup I would wear for days! Oh how I wanted to take a shower. I still smelled like the campfire we sat around that night and knew it would be several days before I would be able to take one. Oh well.  I grabbed our last minute things. I was so thankful for already having my bags packed!

We arrived at the hospital around 4 am. We took our normal route to L&D through the front door, up the stairs, through outpatient surgery…and the doors were locked.  Don’t they do outpatient surgery at 4am? So down the stairs, out the front door, up the outside stairs, through the emergency room waiting room and on the L&D. Now, there may have been a shorter way. But we didn’t know it. Plus the walking was great for dealing with the contractions. J

Once in L&D, I weighed…146.2 and the nurses commented on how calm we were. Nothing to be too worked up about except the fire hydrant leaking down my legs. We were excited, but peaceful.

They quickly put me in room number 4 (the same room one of Tony’s daughters was born in) They did the usual, hooked me up to the fetal monitor and contraction monitor. Upon arrival I was 1-2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. After checking my vitals, they put me in a blow up gown that was to warm my body up for an easier recovery. It was hot, I was sweating, I was in pain. But I was so excited!!! The nurses called my doctor and set the time for my c-section to be 8:00 but it was pushed to 9:00. Which ended up working because another OB had an emergency c-section to do at 8. Contractions started at 3 when my water broke, but were consistently getting stronger and more regular by this point. We called our parents around 6:45 and they were all there by 8.

They took me back to operation prep between 9:15-9:20. First thing was the spinal tap. This felt like a bee sting that didn’t stop. I jumped at the first “stick”. But the nurse holding my head down make it so much easier.

I started feeling my feet getting numb right away and they turned me around on the table. I could tell my right foot was turned in, pigeon toed style and it was absolutely driving me crazy that I couldn’t move it to straighten it! Ha!

They called my sweet husband into the operating room.  It was 9:42am.  I could feel everything that was being done to my, but it felt like it was being done to someone else and without pain.  The anesthesiologist was fabulous about explaining everything. She said when they pushed Ty out it would feel  like an elephant on my chest. It did. She said “do you know what it is?” When I said boy, she said “well, that’s what I saw first.” (since he came out hiney first due to being frank breech.)  J Tony was crying and pumped his fist. Happy daddy. You see, we had tried to check twice to “make sure” he was a boy and both times he would not cooperate.

He made his grand appearance at 9:46am, 4 minutes after beginning surgery.  His first cry was the best sound in the world, which I know all you mom’s reading this are saying yes, I knew that.

The next little bit was a little frustrating. They took Ty to the “table” and started their normal cleaning and apgar testing. But I couldn’t see him. I could hear them talking.  They were all talking about how beautiful he was and how rosy.  Tony was able to walk over there and take pictures and video. But I wanted to see my sweet boy! They were saying how beautiful he was. Well good day! I wanted to see!

His pediatrician, Dr. Noonan, brought him to me all wrapped up.  Only a mother can know how I felt at this moment, the first time our eyes met. The first time he heard my voice in the real world.  The saying goes, “I do believe in love at first sight, because I’m a mom” is so true. <3

They allowed me to talk to him for a minute before Tony took him to the nursery. When he arrived in the nursery “O Holy Night” was playing on the radio….His first song. <3 Thank you Nurse Helen, for letting me know this.

It took about 45 minutes to put me back together ;), (by the way, I was in labor for 6 hours and this 45 minutes seemed 10 times longer!) When they were done with me and opened the door to wheel me to the recovery room, I heard my husband’s voice saying “now I want my other baby” oh how I love him.  He was so nervous. Thank you, God for such a loving man.

The nurses brought Ty to me as soon as I went into recovery, before they gave him a bath, etc. so I may be able to nurse. He nursed like a champ.

My son’s birth, praise the Lord, was textbook and easy. Recovery was a little rough the first few days, but I healed quickly and painlessly. J December 9th, 2012 definitely was the best day of my life. My puzzle is ecomplete. <3 I love my family more than life itself and thank God that he would show favor on my and give me this precious miracle.

With my parents in my "blow up" warming gown

Dr. Deal <3

Getting ready to be parents!

The first time I saw my angel

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