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Dec 29, 2012

Deal Cleaning Schedule

I'm sitting here watching my bundle of joy sleep, drinking my cup of coffee, and waiting on the girls to wake up. I decided to start working on my schedules. My home cleaning schedule and my Project Organization schedule. :) My cleaning schedule has been in place for a while, yet not implemented very well. It's time to get on the ball! 

Monday:  Dust 
Monday project:  Kitchen - after a weekend of all of us being home, the kitchen normally needs some extra attention on Mondays. This includes, wiping down appliances, cabinets and knobs, and cleaning the microwave.

Tuesday:  Vacuum 
Tuesday project: Bathrooms

Wednesday:  Mop the hard floors
Wednesday project:  Master bedroom - tidy up any clutter that may be sitting around, etc.

Thursday:  Wash sheets & Towels
Thursday project:  Kid's rooms - tidy up any clutter/clothes that may be sitting around, etc.

Friday:  Vacuum (yes, with 3 kids and 2 inside dogs, this needs to be done twice a week)
Friday project:  Living areas

Saturdays are for family time <3

Every day:
Swiffer kitchen floor
wipe kitchen counters
clutter pick up

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