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Jan 11, 2013

1 month old!

I can not believe a month has gone by. Time is sure flying when it comes to my little man. *insert sad face.  Here are his 1 month pictures. :)

Weight & length:  10.2 lbs and about 21 inches long

Sleeping: He wakes up about every 2-3 hours to eat. During his 3 week growth spurt it was more like every 45 min to an 1.5 hrs. Every morning about 4:00 he starts stretching and grunting. 

Eating: I nurse on demand so the schedule is different every day. The first 2 weeks he cluster fed in the evening for about 4 hours.

Diapers: moved to size 1 on 12-29. Sad day for mommy.

Clothing: newborn size

Hair: Dark brown. He is starting to lose some of it.

Eyes: Navy blue

Milestones: He can lift his head very well during tummy time. His doctor said he has very strong legs and will be rolling over very quickly. :) Ty had his first real smile to daddy this week! Oh how precious. Daddy was so excited. He had his newborn pictures on the 22nd.

Firsts: Ty's umbilical cord fell of at exactly 10 days and he had his first "real" bath.  He loves bath time but dislikes getting lotioned up. He celebrated his first Christmas! A lot of his family came to visit him on Christmas day and he got to meet so many people that love him so very much. He got his first bicycle, the cutest Eeyore stuffed animal and an activity bar for his stroller. :) His first outing was to Nana and Papa Deal's house. <3

Stats:  Had his first Doctor's visit on 12-13. When he came home from the hospital, he weighed 6.13. At his 4 day doctor visit, he was 7.1 (38%) and they measured him at 19.5 in (58%). He was 20 in in the hospital. ;) His head circumference was at 64%.  

His 2 week doctor's appointment was on 12-27. This was the first time I took him anywhere by myself. He was up to 8.12 lb and 20.5 in long. :) weight, length and head circumference were all in the 89-91%. Very proportionate. :)

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