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Jan 25, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hey guys! It's Friday, so that means Friday favorites!!  These are kind of all over the place today. :)

1.  Hobo Lauren

I love my hobo! It holds everything I need when I run out. I can just grab this baby and go. And since Ty was born, I throw this in his diaper bag and head out the door. No wondering if I'm forgetting something! It holds my checkbook, cards, money ok I have no money! ha! It is also big enough to hold lipgloss, etc. I love it! It comes in so many yummy colors and is the softest leather ever. It is one of those pieces that you will keep for years until it becomes "vintage".  You can purchase it at Nordstrom, or on ebay like I did, because who wants to spend that much money? 

2.  Makeup By Tiffany D Sigma palette

Even though I am not wearing makeup as much as I did before Ty was born (I don't head out of the house much with a 6 week old :) When I do get spruced up I have found I have only pulled out my Tiffany D palette since I have received it in December. The quality is outstanding, the colors are perfectly pigmented and last. Plus it comes with 2 gel eyeliners and a dual ended pencil eyeliner. The gel liners are the best quality of any gel liner I have purchased. And, yay!, it comes with a dual ended sigma brush. The E55 and E30. If you read my December favorites you know how much I am in love with the sigma brushes. When I purchased the palette, it also came with E05 eyeliner brush. Eeek! Check out her YouTube channel. She is one of my favorite go-to makeup gurus. And if you love OOTD photos as much as I do, check her out on instagram and her blog! You can purchase the palette here

3.  Misty by Sherwin Williams

Can I just say, I am obsessed with this color at the moment. I have been drooling over this color ever since Bonnie Donahue at House of Grace painted her new home this color but have really been putting a lot of thought into it before I use it in one of my rooms. I have a front "formal" living room which I use as a piano room. I am going to refinish my piano this spring in white and really, really want to paint the walls this color. I am going to add in accents of navy and yellow or green...I am still contemplating though. I am one of those that only paints every few years and don't want to get tired of blue. What do you think? Don't you love it!!

Photo credit

Photo Credit

4.  Phillip Phillips

Ty and I listen to A. Lot. of music during the day. For the moment we are listening to Phillip Phillips (with a mixture of Baby Einstein and Baby Praise :) I love the mixture of Mumford & Sons and Dave Matthews in his music. I could listen to him all day long.

That completes Friday Favorites for this week! Hope all you busy bees have an awesome weekend! The kids are out of school today. Supposed to be winter weather this afternoon! Time for some hot chocolate. <3

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