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Feb 4, 2013

Confession time

Happy Monday morning, Busy bees! Who remembers THIS post? I faintly remember it! Ha! It's confession time!

I wrote that post and had great intentions when my little bug was 20 days old.  For those doing the math, that is a little over 2 weeks! Oh he was so sweet. (he still is :) He slept and ate and slept. I had so much time on my hands! However, he is now 8 weeks! 8 weeks?!?! Where has the time gone? He no longer sleeps for hours during the day. ;) And this mommy couldn't be happier! My days are filled with this:

and this:

With that being said, my Project Organization has been placed in the school zone i.e. the slow zone! At first, I was stressing over not sticking to my schedule. But then I stopped and realized that my little man is only this age once. I am going to savor and enjoy every minute. I am still organizing, and will post those accomplishments! But I am no longer trying to stick to my rigid schedule. Having a newborn has changed my life in so many positive and trying ways. <3 I hope you understand and still check back often for my organizational updates, recipes, and life being a busy mommy. And believe me, I am still busy!! Laundry for a family of 5 has been interesting. :) 


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