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Feb 4, 2013

Baby Bed/Nap Time...Real Life

It’s 11pm and you want to go to bed because you know you will be up again in a couple of hours to feed him.
You look down at your baby who is trying to fall asleep in his Rock & Sleeper or your arms.
He has just learned how to pull the paci out of his mouth, but he is still short of learning how to put it back in.
You watch him pull it out.
A few seconds later he starts to shriek. He shakes his head back and forth frantically and you know he's thinking, "where in the WORLD is my paci?!"
You pick up said paci off the floor, lap, dog, baby's hand, or where it miraculously wedged itself under baby's bottom, and pop it back in his mouth.
He starts to settle down.
You hold your breath.
But then.
You watch as his hand is drawn back up to the paci like a magnet.
Out it comes again.
And repeat.

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