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Feb 21, 2013

Organized Car "kit"

Hello there! Today I wanted to show you a little kit that I keep in the back of my car. :) At Ty's first doctor's appointment I did NOT :) forget to pack wipes in his diaper bag. So I realized I needed to make a back up kit in the car! So here it is. :) 

I have storage compartments in the back of my car so I may end up taking the items out of the bag and storing them there...

My bag is the medium 31 storage tote. This was a gift from my brother's fiance (sister-in-law come July 2013!) who is a 31 consultant. If you are interested in purchasing 31 products, click HERE.

In my kit, I keep:

A first aid kit filled with band aides, neosporin, benedryl, advil, etc.
2 receiving blankets
1 larger warmer blanket
extra diapers
changing kit, which includes wipes and a changing pad
Sassy diaper bags, which can be used for any trash, etc.
Extra change of clothes for Ty
Extra shirt for me...never know when I may need one. (In black, because black goes with everything!)
Toy for Ty
DVD's for the DVD in the car

It has pretty much anything I think I need for a baby emergency. Did I forget anything?!

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