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Feb 21, 2013

What Ty has taught me

Yes, this is a picture (terrible quality cell phone pic :) Of an empty curtain rod. To us "adults', this little brown decorative piece on the curtain rod is just that, a piece that matches my furniture...but to Ty it is fascinating. 

You see, Ty is so entranced by shadows, cabinets, molding, light fixtures, and this morning? The curtain rod. All along, I knew it was age appropriate and took delight in his amusement. But this morning...I decided to see what he saw.

He saw the beautiful reflection of the morning sun.  The gorgeous deep mahogany and black swirls used to create the color. He saw the intricate detail of the carvings. He, where I only saw stuff.

Why write this post, you say? When did we as adults forget to look and take in the beauty and magic around us? When did we lose our innocence and appreciation? When did we lose our simplicity? When did we get so busy with our everyday lives to just stop and be silent?

Our God is an amazing God. Sometimes I take Him for granted. I know Him, I love Him, and I place everything I have in Him. He has given us so much to love. Even down to that pesky little stink bug. That stink bug is God's creation, too. :) 

Thank you, sweet Ty, for reminding me how beautiful our God is and for bringing me back down and humbling me. Thank you, dear Lord, for using Ty as a vessel to remind me how wonderful YOU are. It's time for some "Crazy Love".

We spent awhile gazing at this beautiful curtain rod together, all the while, praising God. <3 Won't you take a moment today to notice that bird on the branch, or the blade of grass blowing in the wind. Notice the way to sun reflects off the hood of your car. Take a moment to thank God, truly thank Him. <3

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  1. Through the eyes of a child. Love this.