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Mar 5, 2013

Kid's bathroom redo - 30 minutes and $30

The children have their own bathroom and I have never actually "decorated" it. I'm not sure if it's because they fail to keep it clean, or just because no guests ever venture into it. But I decided to spruce it up a bit and make it more kid friendly. :) 

I saw THIS post yesterday and fell in LOVE with her redo, and I decided on a whim to get busy. I so wish I had a window in this bathroom like her redo, it lets so much light in! 

With $30, a trip to Walmart, and a printer, I was able to change their bathroom from dull and boring to cute and cheery. :)

Here are the before. Plain shower curtain, no towels, and nothing on the walls. Wow, that's a fun room first thing in the morning!

Here are the afters: Luckily I have a very neutral wall which didn't need repainting.

The shower curtain has fun colors like orange, teal, purple, and pink. I pulled the orange and teal since we do have a boy in the house now. The shower curtain and towels came from Walmart. The rug, I already had, it came from Willow House and is on sale right now for $10! (originally $42.95) Click HERE. The polka dotted towel came from the kitchen department at Walmart. The green bin also came from Walmart (I got a few of these a few weeks ago)

I printed all of the pictures off of the internet! (click on the image to get a larger picture) The top trio came from  The bottom subway art print came from and the "splish splash" came from

Yes, the towel is extremely wrinkled, don't judge. :)

 The Lollie Lanterns also came from Willow House and are on sale right now for $8.50 (normally $30) Click HERE.
I think for $30 and 30 minutes of time, it turned out rather cute!


  1. I love the paisley curtain too cute!

  2. So impressed - love the curtain and the prints, just bring it to life.

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive. We're focused on bathroom makeovers, organisation and cleaning this week but you can also link up your fab old posts on all sorts of other topics from spring cleaning and green cleaning to housework routines and laundry, Alice@ Mums Make Lists x