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Jun 24, 2013

Ty's first beach trip!

Tony decided to whisk Ty and me away a couple of weekends ago to Virginia Beach. We love Virginia beach so much, but honestly have never taken the girls there! We always take them to Myrtle. My husband, as you know, races dirt bikes in the Virginia series and the race that weekend was within an hour of Virginia Beach, so we decided to head out. Well, turns out that Tropical Storm Andrea hit and rained the race out, but it ended up being gorgeous at the beach! Here are some pictures.

Just got to our hotel!

With Daddy on the balcony

Heading out....little man

Toes in the sand

Washing it off

OOOOOh, it's cold!

One of our hotel's 3 fun pools and lazy rivers

Walking the boardwalk

Daddy and Ty with Neptune

I will not go to sleep, I will not go to sleep

Beautiful view

The next few pictures of from my cell phone.

Daddy and Ty strolling in the early morning sun 

Too much fun!

Here are a few videos of Ty's first time in the ocean and in the pool:

Please ignore my voice! ha! I have no idea what "S-eeeeee-and" is. lol

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