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Jun 24, 2013

5 AND 6 months old!

Surely this is not Ty's 5 AND 6 month update....late?!?! We have had so much fun the past two months. I say it every time now, but this is definitely the best stage! 

Onto updates....

Weight & length:  at Ty's 6 month appointment...weight: 14.14 lbs. 8th %. Length: 25 1/4 in. 4th%. He is on the smaller end, yet his pedi did not seem worried. He has chosen his curve and has adheared to it. We just have a small baby and he is precious!

Sleeping:  Still not STTN yet. He is up at least 3 times. During his 6th month growth spurt and a few nights where his gums were bothering him, he woke up often. he is doing great!

Eating: Nursing on demand average every 3 hours.  During the 4th and 5th month, fed him solids once a day, 30 minutes after nursing around dinner time. I fed him average 2-3 TBS. He transitioned to eating more...much more at 6 months, but more on that later. :)

Diapers: Size 3 

Clothing:   Still 3 months (onsies) and some 3-6 months.  6 months in Carter's brand. 

Hair: Growing so fast! It seems as though it is lightening up. I think it is going to be brown like daddy rather that almost black like mine.

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Personality:  Oh my goodness. He is so much fun. Laughing, smiling, playing, interacting. People comment on how happy he is. We truly can take him anywhere. The only time he fusses or cries is if he is hungry...and he is impatient, or if he is very tired at night. I can not get enough of this little bundle of joy! He is definitely enjoying his sisters being home for the summer.

Milestones: Rolling both ways....across the floor! Time to baby proof! Sitting on his own without support. Oh fun!!

Firsts: He rode the four wheeler for the first time. Not a huge first for many, but for this family where even the girls have their own four wheelers, this is major! :) We took him to the beach for the first time.We have started taking him out and about a whole lot more. Went to his first dirt bike race. 

Here are his 5-6 months pictures. I can't believe how fast he is growing!

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