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Aug 13, 2013

7 & 8 Month update!

Time to move the crib down again!

Weight & length:  On his 8 month birthday: about 26" long and 16.8 pounds

Sleeping:  Still up every 3 hours. While learning how to scoot and crawl, more often. He is now on the standard 2 nap a day schedule (except while working on a big developmental step)

Eating: Still nursing on demand and eating 3 meals a day. He is eating all kinds of pureed foods. Also puffs and toast with butter, banana, or egg yolk. 

Diapers: Size 3

Clothing:  Still in 6 months

Hair: Dark brown, getting so thick now! Still has his adorable hairline and has horrible bedhead! so cute.

Eyes: dark, dark brown like mine. :)

Personality:  Still the happiest in the morning. What a personality he has! He has started getting a little shy and will hide his face in my chest when someone is taking to him. He is perfect when we take him places and lets people hold him easily. He does great during church, etc. He is such a joy.  He is our little observer.  He is so content on sitting and watching and taking in the world around him. He is more sensitive to the tone of our voice, especially daddy's.

Milestones: Oh goodness, he is rolling all over the  place, scooting and trying to crawl! He loves to sit but wants to stand holding on to things. He can pull himself up holding on to certain things and can walk holding our hands! 

Firsts: Went to the park for the first time, LOVED IT! First wedding and first family beach trip.

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