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Jun 24, 2012

14 Weeks

How Far Along: 14 Weeks: Hello Second Trimester!
Size of baby: baby is the size of a lemon
He/She is busy thumb sucking and toe wiggling!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still loss of 3 lbs.  Doctor said I need to gain 2-3 pounds by my next appointment.  With sickness starting to subside, I don't think that will be a problem.
Maternity Clothes: None yet, although my Old Navy order came in this week and I will probably be rocking my new digs very soon, mainly because they are adorable! Don't judge. But I'll still be wearing plenty of my regular clothes as well. :)
Gender: Not yet 
Stretch marks: None
Movement: Nothing yet, Can't wait!
Sleep:  Sleep is great! 
What I miss: Absolutely nothing!
Cravings: Still craving spicy. I made myself a yummy quesadilla for lunch the other day and put some sliced jalapenos on it.  Well after cooking and sitting down, I realized real quick that I did NOT put enough. I may or may not have taken the jar the the table with me to eat a jalapeno with every bite of quesadilla. Ha! Luckily though, I have not had a problem with hearburn...So bring on the spicy!!
Symptoms: Morning sickness somewhat faded this week.  I still had some of that nagging yucky feeling and fatigue. But only one day of actually being "sick". Hopefully it is starting to fade.
 Best Moments this week:  Hearing baby's heartbeat on the doppler at the Doctor's office. I did not get an ultrasound. :( My next ultrasound will be when I find out the GENDER! My hubby and I went to the grocery store yesterday. I bought a TON of pregnancy super foods in anticipation that I am going to be able to keep my food down this week. Fingers crossed!
What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the gender. Still a few weeks away, but excited none the less.  Next appointment is in 3 weeks.

Still haven't gained weight, but baby bump is saying "hello", or maybe more like screaming it! LOL. I am surprised I am showing so much so soon, but I am not complaining. That's just a reassurance of my little miracle growing!

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