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Jun 24, 2012

This is only the beginning...

Sooo, I am sooo excited to write this post.  It has been a while coming, but I had to wait for obvious reasons.  But now I can scream it! One of my BFF's, Elisha is pregnant with me!!  In fact, we are SO pregnant together that our due date is actually the SAME DAY! We are both due December 23. How blessed am I that God has allowed me to share this magical journey with someone I am so close to.  This is the first born for both of us, so we get to experience everything the first time, together.

Back in April, when I found out I was pregnant, I hadn't told anyone, not even her.  I knew she was TTC also, and just didn't know how to break the news to her that we had conceived if she was still trying.  I went to a GNO at her house on April 13, (mind you, I had taken my test on April 12). Oh, it was so hard to keep it a secret. But I also knew it was so early, and there were other people there. I wasn't ready to announce it to everyone.  During the night, she made the comment "I am so bloated, I wonder if I'm pregnant" Of course, I started praying right then and there! Well, Miss Patient waited and ENTIRE WEEK to take a test! Ha! She texted me the next weekend to let me know she had something for me.  Well, of course, I truly thought she was pregnant, but I slyly responded..."tell me...or give me". She then texted me the picture of her positive test! I was crying for JOY! How exciting! I immediately called her to hear all about it.  I did not mention my pregnancy to her at all on this phone call.  After all, this was HER phone call to shout from the mountain tops HER fabulous news! I was Not going to steal her thunder no matter HOW bad I wanted to! lol. We talked for about 30 minutes and hung up.  I waited about 5 minutes (which seemed like an hour) and called her back.  Our conversation went like this: Me- "Hey, whats you doin" E- "Ummmmm, nothing" In that tone of I really just got off the phone with you and you are going to call me and ask me what I'm doing" Me-"well I have something to tell you" E- "You're pregnant."  It wasn't even a question, It was a fact! Best conversation ever. She was in shock, I was giddy. We were like two school girls!

I have to say, already, I have so enjoyed talking with her and comparing with her. It is so funny how different some of our symptoms are. :) For one, she is craving french fries. :) Oh how I love it! This journey is so exciting and to be able to share it with someone that means so much to me is a miracle in itself.  As she said "This is only the beginning!" Elisha,  I can't wait to ride this roller coaster with you! You will probably be the only person that will understand my complaining, whining, and crying! Ha! Love ya girl!

Us at the production of "9 to 5" on Friday night for her birthday. :)

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