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Jun 2, 2012

7 weeks

How Far Along: 7 Weeks
Size of baby: baby is the size of a blueberry
Total Weight Gain/Loss: None so far
Maternity Clothes: None yet, although I’m pretty sure I will be purchasing a belly band SOON!
Gender: Not yet!  
Stretch marks: None 
Movement: Nothing yet.
Sleep: I just love sleeping!! Haven’t had sleeping problems except the 4 am potty run.
What I miss: Having energy 
Cravings: No cravings yet. However I wanted Mexican every day during week 5. Didn’t “have” to have it so I’m guessing not a craving. Hubby requested me not cook Mexican for dinner the next week.
Symptoms: Oh, the exhaustion! I may or may not take a nap pretty much every day. ;) Luckily, I only work part time and am able to come home a rest in the afternoons. I have also had a few bouts of morning sickness, but nothing I can’t deal with. Just the nagging queasy feeling throughout the day. 
Best Moment this week: Seeing baby and hearing baby’s heartbeat at 6w4d. (I thought I was 6w1d, so Doc changed my due date to Christmas Eve!)God is amazing. The best feeling ever. When Tony and I were expecting 4 years ago, my initial 6 week appointment was the appointment where we were told that God wasn’t quite ready for us yet. Such a BLESSING to hear our little butter bean’s heartbeat and see that little flicker of life on the screen. Doctor was laughing saying little butter bean was very active, he had to chase him around. Funny, I find my self calling butter bean a “him”. I am terribly sorry, little one, if you are a “her”. 
What I'm looking forward to? Everything!!! Our next ultrasound, buying anything and everything baby… 

No Tummy Tracker pic this week, no change so far. :)

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