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Jul 15, 2012

17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: baby is the size of an onion. Average: 5.1 in. and 5.9 oz
He/She is busy making bone and now has tiny precious fingerprints
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Unsure, went on vacation....not always a good sign. ha!  Weighing at home yesterday, I weighed the same as before I left (still loss of 3), but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and will go by his scales. I am sure I should be back up to my original weight by now. (See cravings. lol)
Maternity Clothes: I wore one maternity shirt while on vacation at the beach.  It was the only black shirt I packed (vacay post).  Who only packs one black shirt? haha. It was very comfy :) although my beloved white capris were fairly uncomfortable by the end of the evening. May have had something to do with the japanese grill dinner we ate prior to pictures! 
Gender: Not yet, I will make my appointment for my gender scan at my appointment tomorrow!!
Stretch marks: None
Movement: I am CERTAIN I felt 2 little flutters while at the beach. <3 Each time, I was laying on my stomach at the ocean and I think butter bean didn't like getting squished. lol. I love the feeling already!
Sleep:  Sleep is so so.  I have to turn constantly.  If I lay on one side too long, my hip and shoulder begins to hurt. :/  
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings: None this week.  Although towards the end of my beach trip, all I wanted was fried oysters.  I do believe I ate my weight in fried oysters while there! Plug: Bimini's by far has THE BEST fried oysters in Myrtle Beach. :) We only ate dinner there twice in a 4 days. lol!
Symptoms: Morning sickness thankfully did not make an appearance at all this week! 
 Best Moments this week:  Spending the whole week with my little family and having hubby all to myself! :) I enjoy nothing more than being around my girls and my hubby. The girls wanted to go into the baby stores at the outlet mall.  It was so sweet to see their eyes light up when they saw a onesie or little booties that they loved.  I can not wait for them to become big sisters. <3

I just looked at my 12 week picture and then this one.  Gooood day! What a difference 5 weeks can make! Vacation was mighty good to me! Haha!

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