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Jul 3, 2012

Sonoline B Fetal Doppler

I ordered a fetal doppler last week and could not wait for it to be delivered! I ordered if for two reasons, 1. I really want my stepdaughters to be a vital part in the pregnancy. Hopefully they will be able to go with me to an ultrasound, but I really wanted them to hear the heartbeat.  The pregnancy and birth of a baby is such a special sweet miracle to teach them. And 2. I really needed the peace of mind that goes along with hearing my polar bear's heartbeat.  After suffering through miscarriage, I have found that I worry about this pregnancy much more. I have placed this pregnancy in the Lord's hands, yet the human in me still has thoughts that scare me. Having this doppler so I can listen to my rainbow baby's heartbeat has lifted a burden off of my shoulders. Plus when sweet hubby and I listened together last night in the comfort of our own home, we had such an overwhelming connection to the baby. I love my sweet hubby so much and can not wait to hold our precious little one.

On to the doppler.  I had USPS confirmation and updates throughout the shipment.  Of course I checked updates constantly and was ecstatic yesterday morning when it said "9:40 out for delivery" Woo! Hoo! I waited patiently for my mail lady to drop off my mail. At around 1:00 here she comes.....and there she goes. No drop off! What?!?! I know I had a box in that car! It said so on! :) So what did this impatient mama do? Why, I called the Post Office of course.  I gave the lady who answered the phone my tracking number and phone number.  She said most definitely it should have been delivered and she probably just forgot about it.  Of course, they can't forget about my bills, but they can forget my doppler! ha! The sweet lady at the post office said she would get in contact with my mail lady and have her bring it back on her way through and she would call me back. So I waited, thinking she would call back within the next few minutes.  I  checked my phone to make sure it was working. lol. I went about my day, accepting the fact that I would probably receive it the next day. When low and behold, 3 hours later, my phone rang.  It was my mail lady calling me personally. She put it in the wrong mailbox. haha! Here's the thing, and it is perfectly ok. My brother-in-law (who's last name is Deal) lives across the street. His address ends in 8, mine in 3.  See the confusion? The mail lady was so apologetic and sweet. I'm going to have to do something for her, maybe make cookies? I don't know, but she was so kind.  I walked, or maybe ran, across the street and there it was! I declare, it didn't take me 5 minutes to get it open and try it out!

Type:  Sonoline B Ultrasound Fetal Doppler 3Mhz (I chose the Sonoline B after having it recommended by another preggo friend :)

Where did I order from:

Colors:  Comes in blue or pink. (I ordered pink because I am unsure of the sex, and well I'm a girl :)

Price: retails for $299.95, purchased for $55.95 with free shipping (Walgreens online sells for $119.99)

Comes with:  2 AA batteries (nice, what item ever comes with batteries?), a tube of ultrasound gel and a 1 year warranty

Online Description:  
* Powerful built-in speaker for listening the heartbeat without headphones 
* Easy to read LCD with on/off backlight 
* Clear digital fetal heart rate display 
* Uses 2 AA size batteries which are easy to find (2 new Batteries are included) 
* Auto-off feature & low battery consumption to ensures hours & hours of usage 
* Battery icon which indicates how much battery is left 
* Headphone jack for listening to the heartbeat 
* Weights only 180g with the batteries inserted 
* Compact design with buttons which are design to withstand repeated usage without wearing out or breaking 
* Units features 3 easy to operate modes :
Mode 1 : a heart icon is displayed when the heartbeat is detected and the real-time hear t rate is displayed numerically
Mode 2 : a heart icon is displayed when the heartbeat is detected and it averages the heart rate for a more stable reading
Mode 3 : this mode allows the user to calculate an average heart rate over a specific period of time by manually pushing a button to start & stop the time

Would I recommend?: Definitely! I was able to find the heartbeat fairly quickly (mainly because I am already 15 weeks) It was fun chasing my butter bean around! He/She was in the middle, then I would lose the heartbeat (HB). I would find the HB on the left side, then the right! Active little thing! Love it. <3

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