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Aug 12, 2012

21 weeks

How Far Along: 21 weeks! 
Size of baby: He is the size of a pomegranate.  Average: 10.5 in. long and about 12.7 oz
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Officially still down 1 pound. According to my scale I think I gained a pound this week. So back to pre-preg weight. :)
Maternity Clothes: Mix and match. This week I have "popped". My baby bump said hello this week and I have been wearing maternity pants the last two days. I have been able to do the hair tie trick for a few pair of pants. :) Yay for adapting
Gender:  Bouncing Baby Boy!!
Stretch marks: None yet, still using stretch mark cream daily
Movement: Movement is getting more regular! Throughout the day he kicks and moves in spurts and every night before bedtime, he is very active. <3
Sleep:  Sleep is a little uncomfortable. I am getting up at least twice a night now.  Evidently he is using my bladder as a trampoline. Afterwards, it is hard to get comfy and go back to sleep.
What I miss: Walking up the stairs and not losing my breath! We have a 3 story house, and I am utterly out of breath by the time I make it up top! LOL.
Cravings: None. 
Symptoms: No symptoms this week!
 Best Moments this week: Both of my stepdaughters got to feel him kick this week. What an amazing moment to share with them. The joy of this little miracle in their sweet eyes is a look I will never forget. <3 
One night this week, this certain "event" happened twice. I was laying in bed and started feeling pressure a little to the left of my belly button. About that time, he decided to push something (I am assuming his head) with all his little might straight through my tummy wall! It was about the size and shape of a baseball and felt hard to the touch. Then he moved it. DH was worried if I "pushed" it too hard, so I refrained. This happened twice. Not sure if it was his head or his hiney. But whatever it was, you can keep doing it, my son. <3 It is so hard to believe he is almost a foot long all curled up in mommy's tummy. <3

This pic was taken at 20w6d. Close enough, right? We were on our way to a friends 5 year anniversary dinner at a local country club. It was so great catching up with old friends. I am wearing all maternity clothes in this pic. :)

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