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Aug 13, 2012

First day of school

Well, it's here...the dreaded first day of school! First time in 104 days I have had to get all three of us up, primped, and out the door by 7:30. We survived the morning rush! Being off all summer sure can spoil a mama rotten! Can't believe how tall my girls are getting. Macy, 9 (L) started 4th grade today and Aly, 12 (R) began 7th. Where has the time gone! When I first started dating Tony, Aly was 5 and Macy had just turned 3 the previous month.  I can't believe we are now 6 years later. I know my girls had a fabulous first day of school! Aly could not wait to get to her middle school! I'm sure it was all because she couldn't wait to learn and had nothing to do with social hour! Ha! <3 Macy was a little nervous when I dropped her off this morning. She commented how she had butterflies in her tummy.  But, Macy is a bundle of personality and her smile is infectious. So I know once she stepped foot in her classroom, she was fine. :) I am sure she stayed busy! I know at the elementary school I work at, we were nonstop all. day. long! Good luck to all the students, faculty, and staff going back to school this month!

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