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Aug 23, 2012

Master Bath Organization

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I love an organized house. However, my house does not stay organized. I am working on this. :) Here is a quick look at my master bath and how I organize it.  Please note, when we are in a hurry to get us 4 out the door, my counters have clutter! But I love a clean, unchaotic space. It makes me feel peaceful. :) I do not always keep my bath organized this way. About every few months or so, I switch things around because they just aren't working for us anymore.  For the most part, this is standard. I didn't change much this go round. :) We do not have a large bathroom, but we are blessed with plenty of room and double sinks!

A la counter! I love our cherry cabinets. <3 

On our counter I keep of course cotton balls, q-tips, my makeup brushes and tooth brushes.  All things we use daily.

Our drawers are definitely full to say the least! In my top drawer, I keep things like makeup remover wipes (I love Neutrogena), eye creams, contacts, chapstick, and deoderant. 

 In drawer number 2, I keep taller face lotions, sample size products, etc.

On to drawer number 3. I keep hair bows, brushes, and combs that I use regularly.  

Next, is under my cabinet. I keep extra hair care products. The black case in the middle is my makeup case. The drawer system is my lip products.  On top of the drawer is a container that holds my headbands.
This is how I have stored my lip products for y.e.a.r.s and it works so great! I just love these little drawer organizers. You can purchase them at target or walmart.  You can find them cheaper during back to school days.

Under hubby's cabinet, he has his bin full of his hair care,etc. I also keep the hairspray and extra soap under his. It's really a shame that I have three drawers and my cabinet is packed and hubby has one bin.  He is such a good man. <3 there it is, my Master Bath.  :)

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