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Aug 26, 2012

Nursery Pt 1

I was so excited that my husband was able to take off of work on Saturday. He works every Saturday, so the girls and I were ecstatic to have him home. <3  So we decided to clean out the nursery.  We have never used this room before. It was set up as a guest room. I absolutely love the color for a little boy, so no work needed to be done!

Here is picture of his room all ready for furniture. The picture on the wall is my inspiration for his decorations.  It is a P. Buckley Moss print titled "Circus Ride" I love her work and have several of her prints. <3

The bedroom suite that was originally in this guest room went in our newly finished basement. In our basement we put a den, playroom, bathroom, bedroom, and 2 storage areas. I love it! When it is completely furnished, I will post the before and after.  Aly, the oldest, is begging to move her room down there, so we decorated the bedroom for a girl and agreed to move her personal belongings to this room. I however am not wanted her to sleep down there just yet. Her bedroom currently is on the same level as mine, this will put her 3 floors down. I need to get her a baby monitor. :) 

I am so excited to have my nursery furniture in and finish his room!   

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