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Sep 2, 2012

It's all in a name

We have decided on a name for our son. The crowning moment when you can start calling your baby by name rather than "he".

We have decided on Tyler Jay Deal for our bundle of joy. :)  We definitely wanted him to be named after his daddy. So he not only has his daddy's initials but he also has his daddy's middle name. <3

When deciding on a name, we absolutely fell in love with the name Ty. We were both good with just naming him Ty, but Ty really needed to be "short" for something. So we decided on Tyler. Now we did not look at meanings or origins. For the sake of the blog, I did just now look up Tyler and see that it means Tile layer. Hmmmm. Anywho.

We love our sons name. Ty Deal. It has a simple ring to it. We are simple people.

Mommy loves you, Ty. I can not wait to hold you in my arms. I thank God everyday for already allowing me to be your mama. <3

I just had to post this pic. Maybe Ty's nickname will be beanie baby. :)

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