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Sep 2, 2012

24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks! Viability week! Viability means that if Ty were to decide to come today, the doctors would do everything medically in their power to save the life of a premature baby. I pray fervently that he decides to stay in mommy's tummy for at least 13 more weeks, but I am reassured to know that he is developed enough that even if something were to happen, my baby boy would prayerfully live. <3
Size of baby: He is the size of a cantaloupe.  Average: about a foot long and a little over a pound.  My uterus is now over my belly button and about the size of a soccer ball.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Official weigh in was Monday. I was up 5 lbs! As of today, about 6 pounds up! FINALLY! Yee haw! Party time! Although, I was not too, too worried about my weight, knowing how much baby, uterus, placenta, and extra blood, etc. weigh, I was waiting patiently for my scale to start moving. However, I do NOT want it to move too fast. :) 
Maternity Clothes: Mix and match. Still maternity pants, but able to wear a lot of my pre-preg shirts. I am short, so most of my shirts are fairly long. I went through my fall clothes and was pleasantly surprised at how many tops I believe I will be able to wear at least until November. :)
Gender:  Bouncing Baby Boy!! Mama's prince, Ty.
Stretch marks: Ok, so here's the deal. I have been using this Nuby cream daily, sometimes twice a day for a while now.  Um, I found a stretch mark! Granted, you can only see it in low light, and it's white, and it's only a little over a half an inch. But, it's. still. there! So I went out and bought Bio Oil which supposedly is THE.BEST. I am loving how moisturizing it is. I think it will do the trick. I have gained about 3 inches in my belly the last 2 weeks, so I figured I would have one or more stretch marks make an appearance soon. :) Although, I am trying to keep them at bay, these stretch marks are a picture that God will paint to remind me of the wonderful miracle growing inside me. <3
Movement: Movement is fabulous! Since I started back to work, he sleeps more during the day. But he is active at night! <3  Friday of this week, I was able to start "seeing" him kick. Of course, I had to pop out the handy dandy smart phone and video it. I could not wipe the smile from my face watching my belly dance around. :)
Sleep:  Sleep is ok. I have had a few nights of uncomfortableness.
What I miss: Nothing
Cravings: No cravings this week. Although, last night I went out to eat with some friends, (the wifey is also pregnant at 16 weeks :) and we went to Carrabbas. Okay, so I tried this sauce for calamari called Ricardo I believe. It is made with jalapeno's etc. I can tell you right now. I give it 2 days tops and I'll start craving that sauce! It was that good. I must learn to make it!
Symptoms: Sciatica is gone! Well, for now. Evidently Ty decided to shift and give mama some comfort. I am truly thankful.
 Best Moments this week: Just a great pregnancy week all the way around. Felt great, no symptoms, good energy. I am truly blessed. The best moment was being able to see his kicks for the first time and catching them on video. Will definitely be a memory I will treasure always.  Also, I just have to tell a funny story. At work this week, we had our practice fire drill. During fire drills, I always hold the doors to let the students and teachers file back into the building. On the way in, one little student stopped dead in his tracks, holding up the classes behind him.  With concern in his voice and eyebrows furrowed, he looked at my belly in confusion. "Wha-what happened to you?" His voice was so sweet. He absolutely had no idea that I did in fact NOT eat a watermelon, but I am going to have a baby. It was so funny, cute, and innocent I just had to laugh. And so did all the other teachers standing around. So. Sweet.

At my last appointment, my doctor and I discussed my sugar test appointment and my 3d/4d ultrasound appointment.  I know the sugar test is a dreaded test amongst many pregnant mamas, however, I am so excited! It puts me one step closer to holding my baby boy! And, of course, I am excited about my next ultrasound! Can not wait to see if he has my eyes and his daddy's chin! Oh, one more thing. The hospital called to let me know when my birthing classes are! 4 weeks in October! I can not wait! Ok, I will stop. ;)

This picture was taken at 23w5d. Ty and I went on a Japanese date night with another preggo friend of mine.

This picture was taken last night before our date night to Carrabbas. :) You can finally tell I'm pregnant from the front!

So excited to have my baby bump now! <3 Mommy loves you so much, Ty!

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