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Sep 26, 2012

Baby Ty Update!!

Well, Ty is a growing bouncing baby boy! And when I mean growing, I mean growing! He is now measuring 9 days ahead from our original due date!! (which was December 27th)

Ty is measuring at 28w1d (Officially in my third trimester!!) which puts our estimated due date at December 18th!! I am so excited. So I am officially in my third trimester and patiently, anxiously awaiting his arrival in December!

We had an appointment this morning for our 3d/4d ultrasound. Oh I could not sleep last night! I could not wait to get into that doctor's office this morning. I practically ran to the office door and pushed it open....only, it did not open! When they say open at 9, they mean open at 9! ha!

Well, the sonogram tech was able to get all of Ty's measurements and weight. He is currently 2 pounds 11 oz! :)

At one point she measured his thigh bone (I was excited because I could actually tell what she was doing). She said "hmmm". And then measured it again.  After doing this about 4 times, I started getting a little worried. Then she proceeded to tell me that Ty has a very long femur bone. She said "I knew he would have long legs because of his daddy". His daddy is 6'4". :) His leg measurements are long compared to the rest of his body.  I guess he is not going to take after is 5' mama. :)

Here is a picture of his little foot and bottom portion of his leg. It's a little blurry because I took it with my phone. :)

Ty was sleeping the. whole. time! He had his face planted into my uterine wall and his arm in front of his face the entire time. He never would turn and look at us. But we got the most precious profile shots. :)

Everyone has told me that he looks just like his daddy and I completely agree. <3 I love everything about this little boy and can not wait until December!

A little info on his measurements: (these are two of the main measurements used to find his gestational age)
BPD(Hadlock) - head measurement - 7.23 cm
AC(Hadlock) - abdominal circumference - 24.23 cm

I am so blessed that everything is going great and he seems healthy as can be. God is so good!!

So my next official tummy tracker post will be next Tuesday at 29 weeks!!!

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