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Sep 30, 2012

Craft time! Owl Pumpkins

So, if you remember, I have a friend, Elisha, that I am on the pregnancy journey with. My other friend, Emily and I are throwing Elisha her baby shower next Saturday.

Here is a picture of Emily (l) and Elisha (r)

Elisha loves owls. And when I say love, I mean, totally unequivocally lurves owls! So Emily came across these adorable owl pumpkins on this site and we thought, How fabulous would it be to make these for her shower to decorate a table?!

Emily came over on Saturday and we had the most fun craft day. This is how they turned out!!

Ok, I must pat us on the back because they. are. adorb! We started by drawing the circle eyes in pencil. Then hot glued sunflower seeds in several rows around the circle. As you can see, they are all different! For the center, we placed glue and then poured poppy seeds almost like you would pour glitter and pressed them "in". :) The nose/beak is and acorn and we added whole peppercorns in the centers of the eyes to give umph.
For the ears, we glued sunflower seeds to toothpicks and inserted them. :) For the baby owls, we made the same ears in a smaller version, used peppercorns for eyes and a sunflower seed for the nose/beak.

It was great fun! And we think they turned out adorable.

Emily found the acorns near her home. She lives on an historic road in our town that is lined with the most picturesque trees. I love riding through there when the sun is peeking through. Ahhh. Anywho, She has tons of acorns on her road! She went for a walk one day and decided to collect a bucket full. It was so funny, she texted me and said the acorns were falling so fast from the trees they were hitting her in the head and bouncing in the street and attacking her shins. Oh the sight! I laughed out loud!  Wives tales say that lots of acorns in the fall means lots of snow in the winter.....oh, I hope so!

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