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Oct 7, 2012

Pregnancy Update and Gestational Diabetes

Wow! Have I really not done my Tummy Tracker in two weeks? Good gracious. I have been so busy! I, along with another friend of mine, threw a baby shower for a friend of ours yesterday! I will do a separate post this week on that. :) Let's just say, I was utterly beyond exhausted yesterday evening when I got home!!

Back to little Ty. I went and took my glucose test on Sunday, September 30. I had to do a 12 hour fast before had and I headed over at 8:30 to drink this stuff:

It wasn't that bad. The first few sips were cold and tasted like Fanta. However, after a few sips, it was so sweet it burned! I sat there for an hour, did a little people watching, got my blood taken, and went home. :)

I didn't think about my test once, not even at all. So it was a total shock when I received a call from my OB office the next Wednesday saying I had failed my test! What? And not even just failed it, I failed it horribly!

My 1 hour results should have been at 120, mine were 182. I was floored. I mean, I have had TROUBLE gaining weight! I want to eat LESS sugar than I did before I got pregnant. Surely it was a fluke.

Well, I did not take the 3 hour test because my numbers were so high and I am automatically labeled as having gestational diabetes. So on Thursday afternoon, I started with the dreaded "stick". Four times a day. I test my glucose upon waking, two hours after breakfast, before dinner, and two hours after dinner.

I am on the exchange diet, which I love! Well, I don't love a diet anything. But I would rather be on the exchange diet than the carb counting diet. I have a list of what I can eat and in what combinations. Easy, peasy!

I did so well with my eating and as of Friday afternoon, my numbers were right where they needed to be! So what did I do? I went out to eat Mexican with my hubby. Mistake. 10 hours after I ate dinner, my numbers where STILL too high! It took all of Saturday to get my numbers back where they needed to be.  I have learned my lesson and will be following my diet better. I don't want to do anything that could cause harm to my little fella. <3

I will update more on this and how I am doing and different meal options I have. This definitely has been a hard pill to swallow. The hardest part about this is the fact that food is one of the joys my husband and I share. We both love to cook and try new things. I can not wait, however, to try new healthy recipes! Thanks Pinterest for giving me ideas!

Now that we know that I have gestational diabetes, we know why Ty was measuring larger than he should be. My due date is now back to December 23rd with the understanding that he will probably come a little early.  This means that I am 29 weeks today! I will have all my bags packed and ready at about 36 weeks just in case.

I ask for prayers as I try to control this gestational diabetes and that Ty grows at the correct pace and correct size and is healthy. <3

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