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Sep 23, 2012

How to clean your makeup brushes

How often do you think you should clean your makeup brushes? Ok, often DO you clean your makeup brushes?  This is something that a lot of people overlook and don't really think about. But clean makeup brushes are CRUCIAL to skin care!

For powder and dry brushes, you should clean them at the very LEAST 2 times a month, or every other week. Ideally you want to clean them every week.

For your wet brushes like concealer and foundation brushes, you should clean them at the very LEAST once a week if not daily.

If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin you should clean them more often. Why?

Makeup brushes can harbor:

Dead skin cells
Dirt and Dust (especially if you store yours on the counter....Guilty!)
Excess Oils
Product buildup

Also, the best makeup application for flawless skin comes with a clean, soft brush. Can't have that if they're dirty! Regular cleaning also extends the life of your brushes.

How I clean my brushes:

First off, my FAVORITE brush set is definitely the Mary Kay brush collection.

I have had and used the same brush set for going on 5 years now and they are as nice as the day I purchased them.  I also have added in a few extra brushes because I use at least 4 eye brushes and and several extra face brushes. In my daily collection, I also use the other individual Mary Kay brushes (concealer and mineral) I use 2 revlon fluffy dome shaped blending brushes (Walmart), a Smashbox eye smudger brush (Hautelook gift with purchase), and an Essence of Beauty contouring brush (CVS). With regular care and cleaning, your brushes should last for years.

I clean mine with mild baby shampoo.  I usually use the little travel sized bottles, but with a bebe on the way, I can now purchase the big bottle! Double duty! I fill my sink up with warm water and a little baby shampoo and place my brushes in it. Do not let them sit.  I then take the brush end and push it against the palm of my hand over the skin, rinsing in the water often. You will see all of the colorful goodness sliding away. :) After I am satisfied and think know they are clean, I rinse them with cool water and lay them on a small hand towel while I clean the rest.

After cleaning brushes, squeeze excess water out of the bristles with a towel. Never, ever, and I repeat Never place your brushes upright to dry. Water can seep down into your brush and ruin the glue and bristles of your brush. I also do not like drying mine flat for the same reason and for shaping reasons.

I love thebrushguard! I purchased mine at Walmart several years ago but I could not find a link. Check your local Walmart in the brush section to see if they have them.

The brush guard is awesome, you want to slide your brush guard onto the handle end so the bristles will be placed in the correct direction.

Once you have your guards on, you can place them in a jar like this. This allows any excess water to drip down but keeps your bristles clean.

Once dry you are ready to go! If I clean my brushes early evening, they are dry by the next morning and I return them to their little home. :)

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