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Sep 18, 2012

My Birthday!

I am finally getting around to doing my birthday post!! I guess once you hit 30 your memory starts to go away....I did have to turn around an come back home this morning to check to make sure I closed the garage door. I did.  I'm guessing it's a mixture of old age (ha!) and pregnancy brain. :)
See example A.

Yes, that is my living room storage closet.  Yes, that is a a bag of tortilla chips.  Yes, I put them there.  Yes, it took 3-5 days for me to find them....

Anywho, back to Ma Birthday! It was an amazing, tiring day! Every year my neighborhood has a yard sale. Or wait, it's twice a year. See? I can't remember a thing! One is in the fall and we have one in the spring.  Our fall neighborhood yard sale fell on my birthday this year because my birthday fell on a Saturday. I did not participate this season.  Who wants to get up at 5:00 and work a tiring long yard sale? Not this birthday girl!
I waited until 6am to wake up and to drag my happy self out so as not to miss out on all the goodies being sold! And I got some goodies!  I got some awesome jewelry at my sister-in-law's (who lives across the street) and a few dresses. I got a GORGEOUS butter yellow Kristen Davis Designs dress that will be perfect for my brother's rehearsal dinner next summer.  Granted I fit into it. :)
Here is a picture of Kristin Davis in it:
Fashion Love <3 And I got it for $3!!! Talk about loving a yard sale!!!

I love our neighborhood yard sale! People park in your yard, you can't get out of your driveway, and our street looks like a war zone! ha! But much fun is always to be had. Kids are selling cookies, hotdogs, drinks, and cuteness by the truckload. I love my neighbors! Plus, DH's mom and 3 of his aunts came and it's always good to see them!

After that, I came home and organized a few MK things and started getting ready for the baby shower I had to attend.  It was Saturday, I had time, it was my I played around in my makeup.
I did a little MK before and after shot.  Do NOT look at the before too long. :)

Ok, so then I went to the most precious little girl baby shower ever! Darnelle has absolutely beautiful children and I can not wait so see her baby Edyn!  She had the most awesome favors to hand out.  Since I am having Ty in the middle of cold and flu season, I do believe I will definitely be using the same idea!

Ok, by this point I am exhausted, and it's only 3:00! ha! Oh the pregnancy exhaustion! Or is it old age? What ever it is, I was tired.  So what did I do? I came home and cooked 4 lbs of spaghetti for my family, inlaws, and BIL's family. :)  Yummy! I also made my favorite, yummilicious, scrumptious caprese salad.

Seriously, I could eat this stuff for every meal! Family came over, we ate. And ate. And ate. Then we ate coconut pie and pound cake. Then we sat our happy full hinies on the sofa.  That is where my happy hiney stayed for the remainder of the evening.

I got lots of pretties for my birthday! Some jewelry, maternity clothes, and of course MONEY! What girl doesn't love money! I did go order myself some new spiffy duds from Motherhood. :) awesome hubby bought me the most beautiful Vera Bradley diaper bag!

I love it so much! I love it the most because he picked out the color that he liked best and surprised me with it! I don't know how your hubby is, but mine is a "I wasn't sure what to get you, so here's money and you can get what you want". :) Oh how I love him. <3 However, this little purchase just made my birthday. <3

My 30th birthday was so fabulous. I have the best friends and family and each of them made my day so special.  30 is going to be great!!!

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