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Dec 3, 2012

Baby update 37w1d

Had a doctor's appointment today and was able to get a sonogram to measure little Ty and check fluids, etc. :) I am officially up 16 pounds on the scale, thinking I'll be up 18 when I deliver.

Well, just as expected he is STILL a big boy. :) He is measuring in at 8 lb. 6 oz. If he gains on average .5 lb a week, he will weigh 9.5 lb at birth and 10 lb at 40 weeks. Good day! Of course, these measurements could be off up to a pound each way, but my ultrasound tech is normally pretty accurate with her babies. <3 He has long legs like his daddy. His daddy weighed 8 lb 9 oz at birth at 37 weeks, so he seems to be measuring about the same. <3 Proud daddy. He is measuring about 39w6d. 

My fluids are fabulous! They are at a 13 (they normally want them at a 9-10) The number is a little high, but high numbers can be caused by gestational diabetes. I have been diagnosed with GD but have not had high sugar numbers since. So I think it's just normal for me.  My fluids are measuring over 40w.

Ty is also frank breech. This explains so much! I have had kicks, pokes, pushes, whatever you want to call it right at the top of my belly. At times this can be so painful! Now I know it is his head and he is bouncing. lol! Also, it explains why I have not had the epic pelvic pressure that most women have at this point. Doctor said at this point in my pregnancy and Ty's size, chances are he will not turn on his own. But we never know. ;) Just praying for healthy legs and hips. <3 After a frank breech baby is born it is common for their legs to stay up at their head for a while. So we will be doing some leg exercises with him. :)

My blood pressure was still borderline, but lower! The numbers now are not a reason for concern. Yee Ha! So I have the okay to head out tomorrow and spend a nice day with my sweet hubby.

C-section is still scheduled for the 17th! My next appointment is next Monday and if everything still looks good, we will continue with the 17th. If anything concerns the doc, we will have him on the 12th.  It is getting so close! I can not wait!


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