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Dec 3, 2012

My everyday makeup

I thought I would share with you what my quick everyday eye makeup look consists of. :)  I wear this look often and it is so simple and easy. :) 

 Here are a few pics, however I need to figure out how to take these better. I am not a makeup artist or a photographer! ha. :)

My everyday eye makeup consists of:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Jardin Aires pigment by MAC over inner 2/3 of lid (not available anymore as it was limited edition, but can be purchased on ebay. Naked Lunch by MAC should be a good dupe, any peachy shimmery color)
  • Satin Taupe by MAC in outer 3rd of lid, in the crease and bring it up a bit
  • Buck from the original Urban Decay Naked palette directly in the outer 3rd of crease (I am asian, in case you didn't know ;) and I have a monolid. So this step helps define a crease that is non existent. If you have a crease, you can skip this step)
  • Naked from the original Urban Decay Naked palette used to blend crease (I love this color for blending and softening)
  • Sweet Cream by Mary Kay for highlight under brow and inner tear duct 
  • Upper lash line and lower water line liner I use is Milani Liquif'eye in black (I love how smooth this goes on the lower water line)
  • I go over the liner with a black shadow to keep it in place. Milani will smudge very easily.  I use which ever matte black that is closest!
  • Mascara I use is L'oreal Carbon Black
  • Eyebrows: Hazel eyebrow pencil by Milani and Buck eyeshadow by Urban Decay
These are the colors I use. There are dupes all over the internet. :)

Until next time!


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