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Mar 15, 2013

3 months old

Weight & length:  on our home scale he is measuring 13 lbs! and 24 1/2 inches long

Sleeping:  Every 3 hours like clockwork :)

Eating: I nurse on demand so the schedule is different every day. He is beginning to get on more of a schedule. He never goes less than 2 hours in the day and never more than 4.

Diapers: Size 1

Clothing: 3 months.  Did wear his Kawasaki onesie that was 6 months, but of course, it's a little big. :)

Hair: Dark brown, has lost right much more. :) 

Eyes: Navy blue but turning brown 

Personality:  Still the happiest in the morning. His personality is definitely starting to show more. He is so very observant. He loves to watch people quietly. He is really babbling a lot more! He moves his hands constantly and still keeps his hands in a fist most of the time.

Milestones: He is talking and cooing up a storm! He loves his kick and play gym playmat where he kicks the piano. He is starting to grab anything and everything and put it in his mouth.  He is drooling like crazy! I will roll over with ease with help and bears his weight on his legs for a few seconds. He can not stand tummy time but holds his head up and still great, so I'm not going to worry too much. ;)

Firsts: He sat in his high chair for the first time! Not to eat of course, but to be in the kitchen with mommy while she cooked supper. Also played in his Einstein jumping gym for the first time, he loves that! We took our first trip to Roanoke and to see our friends who just had a baby in February. He got to wear his Kawasaki onesie. For meaning click HERE.

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